Upgrading Ian Bacher to /dev/5

As you can all see, @ibacher is not only leading the FHIR development, but has also continued to invest a reasonable amount of time in helping other developers, troubleshooting complex problems, reviewing pull requests, attending community weekly calls, giving technical advice, and more. It is on this basis that i see the /dev/4 stage being a shoe that does not fit his feet any more. :slight_smile:

Isn’t it a high time we upgraded him to /dev/5?


Acceptable, Congratulations @ibacher :partying_face:

It’s been long overdue… Congrats @ibacher

congs @ibacher

Congratulations @ibacher

Yes, sure, let’s do that! Let’s hope @ibacher’s here to stay, he’s bringing so much to the table.

:joy: :joy: True

surely :grinning:

Congratz @ibacher

I totally agree with this decision @ibacher is as so helpful as all he can. Congratulation @ibacher

Yes surely!!! Thanks alot @ibacher. :slightly_smiling_face:

Congratulation @ibacher :+1: :+1:

Congrats @ibacher !!

Congratulations @ibacher

Congratulations, @ibacher! :+1:

Congratulations @ibacher !!

Congratulations @ibacher. You deserve it. Keep the good work

Congs @ibacher

Truly well deserved! Only yesterday, @janflowers and I agreed that @ibacher is a rock star. :raised_hands:

@ibacher, I am grateful for all of your contributions to this community over the past several months. I’ve seen you dive into and make recommendations for our Patient Level Indicator Reporting project scope, recommend others to involve, offer to mentor more than one GSoC student this summer, and most recently, lead the way with our COVID-19 response - and all this in the last month alone. Bravo!


Congrats @ibacher :partying_face: :partying_face:

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