Upgrading from OpenMRS 1.9.9 to OpenMRS 2.2+

Hi everyone.

Currently we at KMRI are planning to migrate from Platform 1.9.9 to OpenMRS 2.2 (this is also a major platform upgrade) and were hoping that you could clarify some questions for us in regards to the upgrade procedure.

  • We know that there are significant database changes introduced after Platform 1.9.9 release. Are there any other significant changes that were introduced? Namely, have module specifications changed in any way, shape or from? Have any library versions changed?
  • Among others, we use HTML Form Entry and REST modules. Would old module versions (2.1-SNAPSHOT and 2.7-SNAPSHOT.57701c respectively) be compatible with the new platform? Do you do any regression testing in that area?
  • Are there any success stories of upgrading from Platform 1.9.9 to more recent versions? Would you be able to refer us to those people?

Some changes from 1.9.9 to the latest platform release:

  • complete rewrite of everything to do with Orders and Order Entry
  • upgrade of Spring

For the HFE and REST modules, I recommend that you upgrade to the latest versions of these. They are (intended to be) backwards-compatible, and you shouldn’t be running SNAPSHOT versions of them in production anyway.