Upgrading Dimitri R from /dev/4 to /dev/5


Due to the awesome contributions that @mksd is doing for the bahmni distribution, openmrs core platform, and other modules, not forgetting all the help he is giving to the community, am proposing that we upgrade him to /dev/5 as per the guidelines here: https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/RES/OpenMRS+Developer+Stages

Any objections? :slight_smile:


I agree. +1

I agree as well, +1

Thanks for suggesting this @dkayiwa! It’s humbling in regards to the level of expertise of the other /dev/5.

@mksd you have earned it! :smile:

Since there were no objections, i have effected the change. :man_dancing:

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Congratulations @mksd! Well deserved!