Upgrading DCM4CHEE x2 to DCM4CHEE Arc 5.x and possibly integrating it with javascript viewer like OHIF

Are there plans to upgrade the PACS module installed with Bahmni? The default one is very old. Furthermore, I strongly feel that having a well-functioning digital radiology image management module in Bahmni would greatly improve it’s adoption in most hospitals (Radiology is always among the 1st departments to be digitized in hospitals). An open-source javascript viewer like OHIF would be an attractive addition. I’m just thinking aloud (I’m a Radiographer by profession but now I’m studying Masters in Health Informatics at Makerere University, Ugandda).

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At my workplace (in Lilongwe, Malawi), I have DCM4CHEE archive 5 running on Synology NAS. All DICOM modalities send digital images to this system via standard DICOM protocol. Users access images via OsiriX MD web portal (proprietary software running on iMac). OsiriX is connected to DCM4CHEE on NAS via standard DICOM protocol but users access images via Dicom web protocol (modified OHIF viewer in OsiriX). This setup is not ideal for us because 1) OsiriX is a proprietary and Mac-only application, 2) we are missing out on modality worklist features that Bahmni would provide if all these applications came pre-packed in default setup, 3) bahmni would also provide unique patient IDs, etc.