upgrading Bahmni without loosing database information ?

Hello guys, i’m actually running bahmni on my computer and i’m interested in upgrading the system without loosing my rows in tables. Does the new tables in 0.91 encountered any changes ? What is the best way to proceed the upgrading please. Thanx. Franck César.

Have you already hit upon this?

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Hello @fcdjapa,

For upgrading Bahmni to Latest Bahmni Release with taking the backup, you should follow Bahmni wiki link Upgrade to Latest Bahmni Release.

You should take backup of following things:

  1. Database:

    • Openmrs

    • OpenELIS

    • OpenERP

  2. Bahmni Config Folder from the path /var/www/bahmni_config

  3. Make sure to backup any other changes you have made in the system.

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Thanx @amolsatvix, helpful !

there is a simpler way too. just call

bahmni -i local backup

where “local” is your inventory file information. Verify what gets backed up during the process.