Upgrade reCAPTCHA to 2.0

Earlier, @michael had created the ID-86 for this topic, and I had a prototype implemented. However, it hasn’t got too many attentions :unamused:… So I’d like to bring it up again.

Here is my ID-86 branch, you may have a try. What I did is simply replacing the old reCAPTCHA package with my own implementation and updated a few relevant variables. The reason I haven’t made a PR for this is that though it’s mostly about the backend, we need to change the reCAPTCHA view anyway. I’m afraid it might break the existing design, especially those GCI students’ contributions.

So I’d like to share my work with you guys, in order to put it into use earlier. Below is a snapshot of my simple result.

What do you think, @r0bby.


Anything we can do to fight spammers is a great thing! Here on Discourse, we have some very solid methods but Atlassian products are not so strong. So whatever we can do to keep them out at the “front door” is going to be helpful.

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Of course and not mentioning that it’s super easy to use, so I’d like to make it online ASAP.

Almost all works have been done, we just need to adjust the alignment and margin stuff.

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I agree…I have no issue with this whatsoever.

If so, I’m going to make a PR soon.


Go for it :smiley:

Merged this, Good job!! :slight_smile:

This adds a tad more complexity with their merges. The form controls don’t use bootstrap styling and suffer from some horrible reflow bugs if I resize my browser…which bugs me to no end…I think we use the bootstrap styling…less of this will happen… plus we can use bootstrap for validation. On top of that, this change removes the inconvenience of having to enter a captcha every single time.