Upgrade Platform Core Libraries Project

Hello All! I am Nsereko Joshua by name, a student offering a bachelors degree in software engineering, at Bugema University( Uganda ). I have alot of passion in contributing in Gsoc 2020. I would request be given a chance to participate in Gsoc 2020 working on this project. I believe my skills will be better than they are if i get this opportunity,
@mozzy, @sharif, @burke, @dkayiwa I request for any information that can get me familiar with the project. Thanks!

@jnsereko , Thanks for expressing in this Project.

i hope you went through GSoC 2020: Warm up practices for students.
Now initialy this project aimed at Upgrading Spring ,Hibenate ,and Java. But ideally that would be too much to achieve in that short time .
Now it primarily requires upgrading Java from 8 to 11.
you would need to understand a few API changes from java 8 to 11, see this blog and this .
You also need a fundamental understanding of the OpenMRS core API


@mozzy thank you! i had not yet went through the Warm up practices. But i am now going to pass through them. If there is any other requirement for this project, i am eager to check it out.

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Thanks for showing interest in this project and wish you all the best, feel free to come back to us for any query, hope you are right wat getting started


Thanks for the assurance @sharif but i wish to ask this: How much time do i have left for completing this project? Like If i am to succeed, which time do i have left?

Check out this thread GSoC 2020: Warm up practices for students


Hello guys i have tried a little of this project but what i have realized is that it might bigger than what i can handle. May be it requires some one with more experience than me. The fact is that i do not want to start on a project i cant be able to accomplish. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: @sharif, @mozzy

I sat the dev/1 quiz and i even received a notification showing that i have earned the smart developer. I do not know why i haven’t got the dev/1. According to what you know, why do u think i haven’t attained the title yet?

We are here to help you in your progress, And we are willing to devote single anytime for your project to be successfull thats the main aim of assigning mentors per GSOC project so you are not alone into this. By theway as you come along you will find open source projects so interesting because everyone is willing to help. What did you try and got confused, try to ask such that we can be of help please thanks

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That div1 badge is automatic feel free to try again

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hello my name is pahonsi bebeto achile i am a student from faculty of engineering and technology under university of buea .i am interested to work on this project for openmrs during Gsoc 2020 .and to achieve this i need support from openmrs team.

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hello since that the other that need to be upgrade are in progress does it mean that the only library concern are jdk 5 to 11 and mysql from 5 to 8 version?

its jdk 8 to 11. Java Upgrade is the primary focus of the project. The others would be suplementary

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Hello sir ,please sir I whish to know Ifthe is a difference between openmrs core and openmrs plateforme . because I am a little bit confuse

The OpenMRS Platform is the shared platform (the “plumbing”) upon which all distributions of OpenMRS are based call it openmrs reference application.While openmrs core is an patient-based medical record system focusing on giving providers a free customizable EMR. inotherwords openmrs-core is the foundation of all customizable modules in openmrs,openmrs-core api is the base of all modules in openmrs EMR.

thank you @sharif and @mozzy please can you help me with the link to the github repository of openmrs platform 3

the one that we are writing the proposal for .thank you

Are you meaning the link to all jira tickets

You can also feel free to look through this link https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/RES/Summer+Of+Code+2019


in this context ,