Upgrade from 1.10.x to 1.11.x: bug in getPatients(String, Integer, Integer)

fyi, just testing our upgrade from platform 1.10.x to 1.11.x and I discoverd an “interesting” bug in the getPatients method… if you search for a patient by identifier, the resulting patient object returned only contains that single identifier, no matter how many identifiers that patient has.

The main patient REST object uses this search, so, concretely, if you make a call like:


The resulting object returns will contain an “identifiers” section with only that identifier, not all the patient’s identifiers. This seems incorrect.

I have ticketed this here: https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/TRUNK-5302

I believe this is a known bug and the existing ticket to fix it is TRUNK-5089

Thanks @wyclif!