Updating the OpenMRS Radar for 2021

We’re working on updating our OpenMRS Radar for 2021. If you have opinions about what technology our community should or should not be promoting (or think you might have opinions), we’d appreciate your taking a few minutes to speak up here or use this 4-question guided form.

A couple of items came up that we’d like to hear more opinions on: Angular and TypeScript. We’d love to have you input on these two technologies in the polls and/or in a reply on this thread.

What should the community’s stance be on Angular?
  • Adopt – use Angular if you prefer and use Micro Frontends to weave it in with React
  • Trial – use Angular and see if we can make it work well alongside React in our new frontend framework
  • Assess – we should experiment with integrating Angular with React in our frontend
  • Hold – avoid Angular (we favor React for new projects in OpenMRS)

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What the community’s stance be on TypeScript?
  • Adopt – we favor TypeScript over untyped JS for all new projects
  • Trial – consider using TypeScript for new work
  • Assess – take a look at TypeScript, but we aren’t committing to using it within OpenMRS
  • Hold – avoid using TypeScript and we should rewrite our frontend framework without it

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Thanks for this post Burke! I’ve also added one optional question to the Tech Radar survey to ask what organization or country team the user comes from, to help us confirm we have a good distribution of feedback.