Updating new module documentation to explain GSP


I am currently working on a course project with a group of students where we develop features for OpenMRS related to the categories of documentation, new features/bug fixes, and testing. Currently, we are focusing our efforts on documentation and were considering improving the parts that help new module developers get started.

We found this project on the OpenMRS github and were wondering if it would be beneficial to update the “Making your First Module” page to explain how to use GSP rather than JSP as the web interface. The way we understood it, the new reference application has become the standard, which requires developers to use GSP. This is an issue in the documentation that we ran into earlier in the semester when we had an assignment to develop a new module, and would have found something like this very useful. We assume that other new developers would feel the same way.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We appreciate any input you are able to provide.


First of all, thank you so much for what you and your team are doing! :slight_smile:

We currently recommend neither JSP nor GSP. We instead recommend using client side technologies that communicate with the server using REST. That is why Open Web Apps are becoming the way forward. Therefore, these links would be the ones that you would give a higher priority, for user interface functionality.




and more…


Thank you so much for your response. We were not aware that Open Web Apps were considered to be the new standard. Do you think it would be useful for us to integrate the information you linked with the guide on creating a new module? Also, is the developer book that I linked in use, or should we instead be modifying the pages on the OpenMRS wiki?

Yes the developer book is in use. Embedding that information would enable one to print the book with everything contained. Integrating that with creating a new module looks like a good idea. :slight_smile:


Hi @dkomissarov

You can refer this blog[1] for the guidelines to create a simple OpenMRS OWA.

[1] - https://medium.com/@suthagar23/how-to-create-your-first-owa-in-openmrs-5c23bf646cfb

@dkayiwa @suthagar23

Thank you for the advice and for your help. We have been on a week-long break recently and have been focusing on a testing related ticket so we have not started work on the documentation yet, but we plan to do this next. We were wondering what we should do about creating a JIRA ticket for our work, as it doesn’t seem like the developer book project is listed on JIRA.