Updating Add On Index lists with new Reference Application Releases

@darius ,it has come to my notice that https://addons.openmrs.org/#/1 is still at 2.6,yet during release Refapp 2.7.0 it was offering the 2.7 versions?Is this ok?

Good point, this is not automatic. Someone needs to add the modules and versions to this file, above the list for refapp 2.6:

Also we need to add this step to the release process wiki page.

Can you take the lead on this?

@darius I will be honoured to accomplish that,however i just need the steps to follow as am not so sure where to begin, and the pre-requisites to do this.Thanks alot.

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That would mean creating a ticket ,forking this to my local repo,editing then doing a PR,am i right?

Yes, although if you trust your skills to get the JSON correct you can even do this directly in github by clicking on the pencil icon on that one file.

The idea is to add another list, before the RefApp 2.6 one, so that users can see what’s in 2.7 (first), and also 2.6 (second).

What you’re supposed to do for each module should be straightforward:

      "uid": "org.openmrs.module.admin-ui-module",
      "version": "1.2.2"

The one thing is that the uid needs to refer to the uid earlier in the file, in the toIndex section.

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@darius Alright thanks alot for the into.

@tendomart, any progress on this? Have any questions?

@darius yes i did, but the project failed building both before and after with this Error

can i just on do a PR even with that error ,after all the add-ons-to-index.json has been updated?

Have you followed the instructions Here on how to setup add-ons? As far as I understand from you logs, the build failure is being caused because some packages are not available on you local setup.

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@reubenv Thanks, i actually missed out on those steps , because i thought the path only involved editing the add-ons-to-index.json file only.Will spectate that.

Technically, you just need to add the module details and create a PR. The rest will be taken care of by Travis. I thought you wanted to build the module offline and hence suggested the above steps.

So right now, all you have to do after making the changes is to create a PR. Travis will check for build failures and a review before merge will ensure that there are no other errors

This looks like your local maven repository is corrupt, and you are going to have to delete it so it can redownload all those jar files.

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@darius True , though slightly painful,will be rewarding after sometime.Had trouble building other projects as well.Thanks for the observation.

@darius please take a look at this PR

@tendomart I have merged your PR and deployed to production. Thanks!

(@reubenv FYI I tweaked the UI slightly to give more space to the lists now that we have 3 instead of 2.)

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@darius Thanks a lot. That’s good news hope Add-ons RefApp version will be updated!