Updates on future use of Report app and Manage schedules app from reference application

Hello community As part of quality assurance work , we need to make not only improving code base but also improving the system workflows , With that regards, we came to find out there are applications that are no longer used within the servers qa or demos by default and some apps are returning PAGE NOT FOUND 404 . so here are the suggestions we would love to hear from different implementations and how they are using them , The same thing with refapp.openmrs.org/openmrs/owa/SystemAdministration/index.html#/system-info

Do we still need these apps, Can we get rid of them

  1. Manageschedules: For this app , it used to return [Taks view page from


owa/systemadministration](Login) which is now returning a Page not found exception Login . Recent info is that we nolonger use owas in the current version of refapp and its nolonger maintained , for that use case we are removing it from the system however we decided to hear from different perspective if this is worth removing it

  1. Reports: The current report app from reporting ui is so returning an empty homePage, https://qa-refapp.openmrs.org/openmrs/reportingui/reportsapp/home.page . For this we would love to know how best can we improve it for its functionality such that we can also have it automated, else if we still nolonger use it from referenceapplication perspective rather use its part on legacy ui, we can get rid of it as well. Looking forward for your suggestions on these two use cases to improve our quality of the system cc @dkayiwa @ibacher @mseaton @mksd @grace @ssmusoke @kdaud
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Hey @dkayiwa , i think it seems we are all good with getting rid of owa/systemadministration from the system. Will create a pull create for that, However we have an option of disabling it from manageExtensions https://qa-refapp.openmrs.org/openmrs/referenceapplication/manageExtensions.page which this still will remain to be available incase its enabled. Any suggestion of whether we can systematically disable it or, manually remove it from the system.

Created a pull request here Remove system administration OWA in ReferenceApplication by sherrif10 · Pull Request #96 · openmrs/openmrs-module-refere . Looking forward for reviews . Thanks .

@sharif have you thought of ways of archiving these functionalities before we get rid of them? In case any of these functionality is re-needed in the future is there away we can retrieve them ?

The only way we can have them is using rest we service module or simple call their urls via refapp module, however still the easiest way was to have their configuration the way it was done. We nolonger support owa, that’s why we need to remove them since owa is not part of openmrs reference application. however we still waiting to hear from the community cc @dkayiwa @bistenes @mksd

Resolved in this Remove system administration OWA in ReferenceApplication by sherrif10 · Pull Request #96 · openmrs/openmrs-module-re .Thanks @dkayiwa for reviews and guidance. For this to be implemented in the next releases. i think we need to either have the release of referenceapplication 2.12.0 or wait for this changes in the next snapshot version.

Can you also ensure that it does not appear here? https://qa-refapp.openmrs.org/openmrs/module/owa/manage.form

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ohh sure thanks @dkayiwa .Let me look into that

Hello @dkayiwa , Requesting for clarifying here, Are we removing all the manage.form apps from that given url. It seem openconcept lab, metadata mapping , we still need them.

What i mean is that the System Administration app is still displayed even after removal.

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Ohh thanks. there is a rest call of that url from owa-module when its clicked.Let me create a ticket to handle that. Thanks

Regarding the reporting app ,

we could just make the default app configuration to display some of the basic reports generated by the reporting module by default. we could add one or two

see more

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Thanks @mozzy . I had that in mind , However do we need !, isnt it going to reduce the usability of main reports from admin page

i didnt get that ,
but that reporting app simply provides functionality to view and run reports from the reff app UI

Sure , You are right, we can configure a simple report functionality.

@sharif A feature request for the Scheduler would be to add a “Run Now” button, even if its in the Legacy UI

We have a need for that nowadays due to Internet challenges our scheduled tasks to automatically submit data externally may not run as scheduled so need to be run manually when a connection has been made available

UPDATE: I remember @mozzy added the ability to run a task (using its name via Web Services REST), this same feature can be leveraged for the button so that it is just a link

I hope we can have this issue completed to simplify this process https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/RESTWS-764

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@ssmusoke sounds good. Are you suggesting we need this feature implemented again using webservices.rest.

Sure will dive into that hopefully

@sharif What other options are there other than REST?

@ssmusoke i think REST is the ideal option to use .Am looking into this .Thanks

@sharif what Steven is asking for is a simple button or link on the user interface to immediately run a task. He does not care whether the button/link ends up making a REST call or anything else. https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/LUI-157