Update Reporting module to v1.15.0

Any objections to updating to the latest version of the Reporting module, i.e. from v1.12.0 to v1.15.0?

This is driven by a need to leverage the latest version of openmrs-module-reportingrest, which is dependent on v1.15.0 of the Reporting module.

See PR here:

@binduak / @angshuonline what do you think? Could this make it for 0.91?

In general nobody should have to ask for permission to pull in backwards-compatible updates to an OpenMRS module.

As long as @danfuterman has tested things out, I would think that it can be merged.

Modules that are more central to Bahmni, e.g. emrapi, do deserve notification and more testing before upgrade.

Don’t see why not if its compatible and works with the Bahmni 0.90 master. @binduak , you will have to test the reporting integration with this version?

(Apologies for missing the earlier message)

@danfuterman We can update to the latest version of the Reporting Module (1.15.0) as part of 0.91 Bahmni release. I have worked on OWA for OpenMRS Reports. For my dev environment i have used latest version (1.15.0) reporting module and didn’t face any functionality issue (though they are some UI glitches which are there with previous version 1.12.0)

@angshuonline @darius @mksd

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Can you create a JIRA card for this? or if there is already card for “dependency updates”?

Thanks All.

Just to mention, as part of this I also updated two other modules in my local Bahmni v0.90 instance:

Both of those should be backwards-compatible updates, I haven’t run into any issues using these locally. These updates are dependent from the reporting module update, but if there’s value in including them, and there’s a ‘dependency updates’ JIRA card, I can issue a new PR against that to include all 3 module updates.

@angshuonline created this JIRA card to update the dependency module versions as part of 0.91 release. Please update the card if I missed any.