Update on Reference Application 2.6 targets

Continuing the discussion from Volunteer to be the OpenMRS RefApp 2.6 Release Manager:


We discussed RefApp 2.6 on today’s PM call.

  • @maurya is going to reach out to @raff to see if he can assist with the release with @hilz041 – have @raff handling the technical/sysadmin steps (taking advantage of the opportunity to automate some more steps of the release process) while @hilz041 tackles the documentation/coordination parts of the process.

  • I’ll be working on RA-435 later this week.

  • Is “Add more Configurable Sections” still in progress? If so, do we need to re-scope what can be done in the next week or two?

  • Should UI responsiveness, reporting tools, and sticky notes be bumped to a future release?

Could you provide any update/insight into the targets for RefApp 2.6 and update the road map page accordingly?


-Burke :burke:


  1. Adding more configurable sections is ready for release special thanks again to @raff and @SolDevelo team

  2. Based on complexity, UI responsiveness needs to move to 2.7

  3. Reporting tools - I would like to give this 2 more weeks till April 7 to make a decision just in case we get an opening for resources to implement a POC

  4. Sticky notes is basically ready for addition @mksrom has been working to finalize this.

@ssmusoke, to what extent is sticky notes ready for addition? Am i able to access this functionality at? qa-refapp.openmrs.org

Looking the speed at which the @SolDevelo team finished the configurable sections, could you probe them a bit to see if they can have some time/sprint for the reporting tools? Are the reporting tools tickets even ready for work? Or do you need some help in curating them?

@ssmusoke, any update on this one?

@ssmusoke / @mksrom – any update on the status of sticky notes for 2.6?

@burke I think we shall move this to 2.7

@ssmusoke @burke, I am currently working on adding Sticky Note into Ref App 2.6. I can deliver it for the Apr 7th, but not sooner.

If you think it’s better to move it to 2.7 so we don’t rush the trial of the feature, that is just fine for me also.

This is set as due on April 8th in our internal JIRA, would that be ok? @mksrom is currently travelling and he will be able to provide more details as soon as he lands somewhere and catches some wifi.

I’ve updated the road map.

Since @ssmusoke (Product Owner) wants the feature, if it can be included without putting to much work on you or delaying the release, then maybe it can make it into 2.6. Ultimately, this is up to @hilz041 & @raff (RefApp 2.6 Release Managers) to decide with you.