Update on OpenMRS, Inc. personnel recruitment... we need your input!

Hi all,

We have received considerable interest for our two new position hires for OpenMRS, the community manager and the technical project manager roles.

Some of us have facilitated a process of screening and shortlisting potential candidates and we’ve reached a point where we want to do final group interviews and make some final decisions.

Are you all interested in being a part of this process?

If so, here’s how to be involved:

  1. Calibration Call: Our first task is to determine prioritized criteria we’ll use to discern between very qualified candidates. In other words, we have multiple excellent finalists, but each of them have strengths and weaknesses that we need to sort through. In order for us to all get on the same page about how we will evaluate our finalists, we need those who want to be a part of the decision to participate in a voice conversation to sort through this. It shouldn’t take any more than 30 minutes. Please fill out this doodle poll to show us times you might be available for this step: https://doodle.com/poll/umkngttucv2vmy6s

  2. Group Interviews: Each of the finalists will then be available for community group interviews. For those of you in #1 above that want to be a part of these interviews, please show us times you’ll be available so that we can coordinate good community times with the candidates: https://doodle.com/poll/miuwkczhuvu6r2mn

Thanks in advance for your interest in supporting this! Remember, these individuals will be supporting you directly, so if you have opinions what makes a good community manager or a technical project manager, please participate! All are welcome!


Hi all, to update the community, we held the calibration call yesterday (6/6). During the call, we came to consensus on the qualities we are prioritizing in selecting the director of community. I wanted to post them here quickly to let people know the direction we are likely heading when making the hiring decision, and to welcome feedback from you if you believe something has been missed.

  • Strong comfort, familiarity with technology
  • Excellent listening skills - willing to engage deeply with people to understand their needs and interests
  • Ability to communicate the needs of our community members effectively
  • Find connections between people, projects, organizations effectively
  • Cross cultural experience
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to mobilize external resources (people, $, etc)
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