Update Meeting, Chicago (Nov 16-17)

New thread for logistics and content of the November Update meeting, in Chicago, the afternoon and morning after AMIA. (Nov 16-17, at the Thoughtworks offices)

See the Agenda document for details. Please add your name to any topic on that agenda that you are willing to lead.

Let me know if you see gaps in the agenda (post to this thread, or contact me directly)

Also, please update the Doodle poll if your attendance status (Yes, dial-in, no) has changed.

I’m not sure how best to bring this post to the attention of others, so will tag a bunch of the attendees.

@akanter @jteich @burke @michaeljayhealy1 @pascal @maurya @paul @janflowers @terry @darius @chris @mseaton @emanders @hamish

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I thought we had intended to spend some time on the topic of expanding the Leadership Team. I’d like to see this happen.

added this to the agenda as a suggestion

Current suggestions on the agenda (mostly from @terry) Bill says, “I’ve tried to incorporate these”

See the (greatly disrupted) new proposed agenda

​can we make sure that we add fundraising to the agenda and can we change the first four hours to be more brainstorming?

To NOT be operational but to be strategic ( at least for the first four hours)

i feel that we have learned how to be operational this past year ( at least a little but-with a little less mud…) and i believe that we can continue to be more operational but we need to relook at who and what we are

who do we want to be what do we do that makes a difference in the world how to we maximize our impact in the world how do we be the change that want to see do we need a reference application how do we strategize to get wherever that is how do we interact with the NGOs how do we get money/ what do we need money for what is our relationship with the BoD

@lober, i like these changes. I would ask that community members also review and comment. Are we going to be hosting this call on the OpenMRS uberconference line or do we have other plans for facilitating access to virtual attendees?

@terry - Thanks. You had some great suggestions.

We’ll host a conference line on Fuze, I think, because the ThoughtWorks conference rooms are set up for it already. @darius was going to check into that this week, and ensure we can get access for an 8AM start on Thursday.

Fuze URL and instructions will be forthcoming - presumably through Darius, and presumably both announced here and added to the agenda page. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gpBXIEgo_qui05N4XQs_umF11ujPqFP0GERdfaHBo-k/edit

If Fuze doesn’t work well for us, we can switch to the http://uberconference.com/openmrs line - it will be free both those days (as I recall from one of the Leadership Team meetings).

Folks, as a heads up, i’m afraid that I won’t be attending the Chicago meetup as I need to attend another overlapping event at DC :frowning:

Sorru to hear it, but enjoy your travels.

Awww. That is a disappointment. Sorry that you won’t be able to join us. None of the meeting?

Another round of edits to the agenda. Basically, Wed afternoon -> Strategy. Thurs AM -> Operations. A theme throughout is, “what topics would we like to raise in the Uganda meeting.”

I’ll try to send a more detailed message soon and flag those I’ve asked/assigned to lead particular sessions. That will probably be late Tuesday, Seattle time, depending on election results.

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Thanks, Terry, for the reminder email to @jeffneiman and @michaeljayhealy1

As far as I know, everyone coming is on this list, with the exception of Eric.

Yesterday was a bit of a lost cause as the results started coming in, so didn’t get this email written last night.

There’s a place on the Thursday agenda to identify your anticipated departure time. Please add yourself to the list - it will impact the end of the agenda.

But, I’ve identified a few people on the agenda (link below) - if your name is on the list, please take a look at the agenda and either bold face your name to confirm, OR (if you can’t lead that section) then comment, unbold it AND either tag me in the comment or send me an email

@paul @janflowers @darius @jblaya @terry
@burke @hamish

anyone not specifically mentioned, please feel free to identify a role/section you’re willing to moderate.

my main role will be timekeeper and cajoler of note taking.

Info about how to attend the meeting: (I also added this info to the agenda google doc)


ThoughtWorks Chicago Office 200 E Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60601 on the 25th floor

We need to add you to the guest list the day before You must have a photo ID to enter the building downstairs


We are using Fuze for audio +/- video. Download the application ahead of time: https://www.fuze.com/download?utm_source=Meeting-Invite

Or dial in by phone:

Wednesday http://fuze.me/33864606 Meeting ID: 33864606

Thursday http://fuze.me/33864650 Meeting ID: 33864650

A same-day reminder about the Update Meeting

When - Starts today, 2PM US Central time The AMIA meeting ends at 1:30 (Eric Horvitz plenary - probably worth attending!)

Where - ThoughtWorks offices: 200 E Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60601 on the 25th floor
The offices are about 1.0 mi (20 min walk) N of the AMIA hotel on Michigan. Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/j9MbjRVGZxL2

(dinner will be about 3/4 mi. NW of the meeting location, and about 1.5 mi N of the Hilton, so plan accordingly for walk/Uber/jackets/etc.)

What: see the Agenda Call-in info is on agenda

Also don’t forget to use Twitter to keep the community/public aware of happenings :slight_smile:

Sorry, Jamie - I didn’t see your post. But I’m not sure the actual meeting was that tweetable… “So excited that @janflowers got to ride uber back and forth Thursday to retrieve lost items” “Hey, how come no one told us there were Green Eggs in the break room!” and other stuff like that. I will try to get some minutes posted, though, over the weekend.