Update: Current State of O3 React Form Engine

As you might remember, we’re working hard to move the O3 RefApp to just leverage one Form Engine: The React Form Engine. (Past discussions here, here, and here.) @samuel34 and I wanted to share what has been changing.

The Short Version

We are almost done fully transitioning the O3 RefApp from the old Angular Form Engine, to be focused solely on using the React Form Engine.

Here’s where things are at:

Goal Status % Notes
Production Testing in previously AFE environment Live! Being used in production pilot testing in UgandaEMR+ since mid-June 2024. Going well, some schema and bug fixes done or ongoing. Pressing Issues Tracked here: RFE issues - Google Docs
O3 RefApp Using React Form Engine by default Done Completed here
Migrating Formik to React Hook Form 30% This is some tech debt that needs to be addressed for longer term maintenance.
HFE Conversion Tool 20% This tool that helps convert HTML forms into the O3 Form Schema needs to be updated so that HFE forms can be converted into React Form Engine-compatible ones since there is some slight difference with the Angular Form Engine forms
HFE MVP Parity wrap-up 70% Based on the must-haves id’d in @PIH’s PIH Gap Analysis
Major Angular Parity wrap-up 90% Done for functional core elements. In-Progress features: Encounter Diagnosis, and Person Attributes (partial support in AFE; aiming for more complete support in RFE). Newer features added recently or edge cases will need coverage eventually. Some are not used much at all, so we don’t want these to be progress-blockers.
i18n Translation Support 100% Remaining work: Testing that translations work in forms as expected. Needs Documentation.
Fix regressions in obs-handler 100% Done
Orders support in Forms 100% Done
Documentation in OMRS Wiki 100% The docs for the React Form Engine were successfully moved to the OpenMRS Wiki here: https://openmrs.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/projects/pages/68747273/React+Form+Engine

Special Thank You’s to…

  • April: Kampala Hackathon Folks: Thank you to the folks who helped organize the focused Hackathon in Kampala back in April
  • May-June: RFE Tiger Team: Thank you to those folks who have been extra engaged in the focused “Tiger Team” efforts since. These are the people who have kept the post-hackathon dev momentum going :smiley:
  • June: @METS for championing the cause by being the first org to pilot transitioning from Angular Form Engine to the React Form Engine for their production sites!!

@samuel34 or @jamiearodi or @veronica anything I’ve missed here?


You have nailed it @grace. Kudos to everyone who have contributed to this work in one way or the other. It’s a big milestone …