Upcoming #OMRS2021 Internships

Hey, last year SolDevelo Foundation organized an Internship called #OMRS202O Internships. As it was our first time and first individual project for the Foundation we organized it only for Polish citizens. Some of you may remember that more than a hundred new members registered at a short period of time. Unfortunately, the only winner was @sacull who achieved the dev2 level and create many intro tasks for newbies. For sure his work is worth the appreciating.

According to the proverb “new year, new me” we’re thinking about creating a new edition of #OMRS2021 Internships. We would like to organize it during the summer holidays (4months) so students can take part in that. Also, we don’t usually restrict who can take part in our Internship. The only restriction was that participants couldn’t be part of the OpenMRS community.

What do you think about that idea? Who will you see there? And how would you organize such a big event? Do you know somebody/any organization who wants to organize it with us? Let me know :smiley:

Maybe some of the GSOC and GSOD mentors would like to give advice? @mozzy @suthagar23 @herbert24 and everybody who wants to speak up


@zuzanna, I’m so glad that you are bringing this up now!

It seems like this internship program and GSoC are both trying to achieve similar results with a similar audience during the same period. The main difference being that you are interested in getting Polish developers involved in open source projects and OpenMRS specifically, right? If you really are thinking about doing this during the summer, then I suggest we look into how we can work together to balance and coordinate both GSoC and Soldevelo internships. Would you be interested in joining one of our GSoC Admin team meetings to talk through how we coordinate our efforts?

Right now, the GSoC Admin Team’s current priority is working with the community to identify and define 12-15 strong GSoC projects. To give you an idea of what this admin team is planning to do to make GSoC a success, here are some links with more information about this team and their tasks between now and September. How similar is this to the support you provide the interns?


In the first edition it was my goal to gather Polish users and promote in my country open-sources, but know that idea doesn’t have to be only for Polish citizens. I would like to work with everybody who is interested in that Internship.

Yeah, of course. For some time I have been reading posts about GSOC and GSOD and trying to organize my Internship the best as I can

I found a very helpful Excel sheet with your tasks and how the work is organized. I would love to listen to you guys during the meeting. Can’t wait and I believe I’ll learn a lot from you

As I had an opportunity to join a GSOC meeting I would like to share some thoughts and ask you what would you think about it:

  1. Do you see a place to somehow organize #OMRS Internships during GSOC? As these two takes place in a similar time, they actually reach a similar audience but from different countries and have the same idea. @jennifer I know it’s “your” program and you are truly engaged in mine.

  2. How many intro tickets should be made to allow participants to get to know slowly the program and not lose motivation so quickly? How do you do it in GSOC? @grace @jennifer @herbert24 @mozzy

  3. How can I start cooperation with somebody who knows better the OpenMRS and has coding skills so he/she would become a helper to users? As long as I don’t know the answer to technical questions I think it could be nice to offer that for participants.

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Hello @zuzanna , ideally theres no any limit on the number of intro tickets .

We create as many intro possible tickets especially related to the targeted projects.

Are there specific projects you would want to target ?? we always have quite number of un assigned projects .

This sounds simillar to like having mentors (skilled individuals ina agiven area) , I would suggest that since we Very active squads running , and theres quiete alot of work to do in a given squad ,
we can assign the internees to different squads of their interest.
This will help them work on very priority features with in the Community

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@zuzanna thanks for season 2 of this internship , the idea is hilarious

Are you goin to be the only one running this show ? may be you can have a partner/co-admin to help out in this(@sacull seems to be the right candidate since he has some experience here) ,so that you are not overwhelmed.

Also more issues need to help the students get up to speed with openmrs coupled with a good openmrs orientation program

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This is a good question. And @gcliff points out, getting ready for and then supporting GSoC is a lot of work. It’s become a true community effort. We don’t want you to be overwhelmed - and we don’t want our community + squads to be overwhelmed.

For the two programs, if the audience is the same and the idea is the same, then maybe there is a way to streamline or merge our efforts where there are similarities?

If the two programs’ main difference is around countries, then maybe we can help each other when it comes to increasing participation from different countries. One of our goals as a community is to increase the diversity of those participating in GSoC, as students and as mentors. If you would like to see more Polish developers involved in open source and OpenMRS, then your support recruiting students (guides? mentors?) from Poland to participate in GSoC would achieve the goals of both initiatives.

As you heard on the call, we’ll definitely need people to provide general guidance to students as they join the community and begin to get to know OpenMRS and our community. I’d definitely appreciate your insight into the student onboarding that @herbert24 and I will be setting up.

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@mozzy so last time they have a free hand (an option) to chose the project they want. But maybe it will be better if I chose a few and create tickets in those projects as you do in GSOC…

that would be great to add them to each of project. And members of that squad could also be a type of mentors? Cause somebody should help them not even in the work/tasks but how to find information for a problem.

thanks @gcliff. Being a single admin of such a project takes a lot of time and is very stressful. So not to be overwhelmed it will be best to find a partner/organization/cooperator/somebody who wants to organize it with me. Łukasz would be the best choice for this position if he could find time for additional work :frowning: @sacull last year did an awesome job and create many intro tickets which were great for newbies and their first steps into OpenMRS.

Yeah, and that’s why is so important to crate these intro tickets and step by step teach them know-how.

In the idealistic world I would like to offer my Internship for people from whole world, but as long as I will be organizing it alone it’s impossible.

Yeaaah, but from what I know it’s not so easy to register into GSOC and it’s not open for everybody. As the Internship haven’t had any big rules and was open for everybody with different knowledge and skills the GSOC is not so pleasant for potential participants.

@zuzanna, let’s talk about ways that we can work with you on this - especially if you are thinking about engaging with squads on projects. We’ve already been reaching out to squads for projects in the past few weeks, so there might not be a need for you to do that again. In fact, @grace brought some potential projects to my attention yesterday that have been suggested - and don’t qualify as GSoC projects.

I can’t remember how many interns you had last year. It did seem like we had a sudden influx of a lot of people joining the community.

What do you think makes it difficult to register for GSoC? GSoC is really a mentorship program and in order for that to be a meaningful and satisfying experience for everyone, it’s important to make sure that the number of people participating matches the number of available mentors. And since the number of people who want to participate is usually greater than the number of available mentors, there needs to be some way of selecting who will be matched with the mentor. This is where having well defined projects and getting proposals from students really helps us identify who we match with mentors.

I will be busy with my studies for a few more weeks, but it will only end, I will support @zuzanna if possible, with whom I have contact in case of problems. :wink:


actually that sounds great. I would like to hear about these projects and how I can help them :slight_smile:

yep, In the program registered more than 140 participants. It’s a lot of but only a few of them had survived few first weeks and only one from 140 interns has ended the program.