Unstability with our online servers

For a couple of days, have noticed un-stability with our server at https://qa-refapp.openmrs.org/. This server is currently (temporarily) being used by CI build plans for openmrs-distro-referenceapplication and other qa modules. As a result ci build jobs are failing from the server side.
cc: @cintiadr @burke @dkayiwa @k.joseph

Thanks @kdaud , for bringing this,

Is it Possible to get the configuration in ci/cd bamboo

.Reset qa -server plan as its for demo , though am not sure if that is possible security wise . cc @k.joseph @dkayiwa @ibacher

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Already exists. It’s this plan (UAT = user acceptance testing).


Thanks @ibacher

Full configuration for QA OpenMRS is found in the ansible code:

Each of the images, how they are deployed and everything should be defined in OpenMRS environments - IT Service Management - OpenMRS Wiki

Does that answer all you need?


Yes! Thanks @cintiadr

After trying several times to trigger the reset button at the given plan (UAT = user acceptance testing) often whenever our qa instance is down on which CI is using for all our qa build plans, I notice that the button seems not deliver the expected outcome OR It triggers some thing else. As efforts is done by the QA devs to rise test coverage and also writing new tests for Ref App to make a clear road map for the upcoming release of Ref App 2.1x, the server has often stepped into this path.

I am not sure why this happens with qa instance more often than to demo server, Ideally it could be caused by PR loads which consumes the instance Or something else

@k.joseph I would ideally suggest we rather spin from the local instance within docker since its more reliable than any other instance.

cc: @sharif @dkayiwa @cintiadr @burke @herbert24

@kdaud the build you link is resetting https://uat-refapp.openmrs.org , not the qa instance. The QA instance should be only used by automated tests.

Is UAT refapp server down?

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From all I can see, it has been pretty stable, with the exception of when we reset it.

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I agree and it is the server on which CI builds via Github Actions for all our QA modules. However, as mentioned above this server has been often down for the previous weeks and I always think of resetting if I had access to the link.

Its up!
I think I didn’t read well @ibacher comment on this post about that Reset Button he mentioned.

@cintiadr can the link that reset qa server be accessible ?

No, I made a mistake. @sharif was right that we probably do need a CI build to reset the qa-refapp. I didn’t realise uat-refapp was something else.


Just run the CI build for the reference application distribution.


The QA server is again down :face_vomiting:. A few minutes ago, some modules within the server unexpectedly failed to be loaded in the instance.

cc: @dkayiwa @cintiadr @ibacher @sharif @k.joseph @herbert24

https://qa-refapp.openmrs.org is up

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Thanks @k.joseph

This is the antidote to the issue. Thanks @dkayiwa and regards to @jwnasambu for fixing my login issue to Bamboo !