University project - final course project.

I have a university project as one of my 3rd year courses which will be based on one of my previous courses which was software engineering. It’s with the Open University in the UK (sorry about Brexit!). Java is my main language and I want to work on something worthwhile such as OpenMRS. I have done a little work for ODK in the past but had to stop as I had no extra time. I think OpenMRS would fit me better as you are bigger so have more scope for this sort of thing. So I would have about 200 hours I could contribute over the next 6 months or so. Does anyone know whom I could contact about this please?

@danielsteward as you wait for a feedback from senior Devs, kindly follow this link to get started as developer.

@danielsteward Welcome to our community! Have you considered participating in GSoC? Our community has been brainstorming projects of varying lengths for GSoC that might also work for you - and if they are not long enough, it might be worth exploring the possibility of extending them.

Hi Jennifer. I am very interested in a few projects, especially GSoC 2022: SDK Support for Building the 3.x RefApp Distro as it is Java. How do I express interest in a particular project? Thanks