University 2016-07-27: what OpenMRS is doing and its applicability for Dominica

Hi All, As Uganda is getting ready for this years implementers meeting, we would like to know what is happening in Dominica. Join us next week for a session on what OpenMRS is doing and its applicability for Dominica

Date: 27th July 2016

Topic: what OpenMRS is doing and its applicability for Dominica? by @burke, @terry, @paul, @wyclif, @darius

Time: 14:00-15:00 UTC Find your time zone’s conversion.@ Please keep time


for more details visit the University page

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Seems like the thing to do would be to get the members from the country to present. :slight_smile: Have you reached out to them (or know how to?)

@jthomas Have you seen @paul 's comment have we reached any body from Dominica??

I have not been part of these discussions. @terry just wanted to get this on the calendar. Not even sure who to reach out to. Maybe you and I can chat about this today.

@ssemakadde we received confirmation today that the Dominica team with the MoH will be joining the University call tomorrow and plan to present 30-40 min and then leave the rest for discussion. Just wanted to let you know to ease your mind.

it’s fine then, we can not have the chart before the call and i will not be able to chair the call because i will traveling with limited or no internet connection but @dkayiwa will sit in for me i will have briefed him before the call.

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For those who would like to attend, the call is happening now!

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Slides pending Audio recording (76 min) Chat transcript

Have Dominican developers introduced themselves to the community? If not, please introduce yourselves in that post and then add a link to your introduction(s) here. :slight_smile:

they were prepared to present. i assume that this happened and went well?

Yes. You will find the recording above and I am working on getting the slides.

Here are the slides from the Dominica presentation -