University 2015-09-16: Project Setup Implementation Q&A session

Hi All, This week we have @ssmusoke’s request he has lots of doubts regarding Project Setup during Implementation of OpenMRS, he is later going to support over 200 sites in Uganda already implementing OpenMRS, therefore Join us this Wednesday for this call

Date: 16th September 2015:

Topic: Recommendations for Project Setup During Implementation Q&A session by @ssmusoke

Time: 14:00-15:00 UTC Find your time zone’s conversion.@ Please keep time


for more details visit the University page


this session is starting soon and i have no or a limited connection but @dkayiwa will handle on my behalf

@ssemakadde & @dkayiwa, there are still 70 minutes until 14:00 UTC. :smile:

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this session will happen in 30 mins from now

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@michael can you help with the recording of this session am not sure how it is done

Recording will happen automatically, I’ll provide a link after. :slight_smile: