University 2015-03-11: Reporting Module Under the Hood

Hi All, A kind reminder about the OpenMRS University Forum

As a result from a discussion at the #moz15 on how to bring some other developers up-to-speed in Reporting Module development in an attempt to take some load off of Mike Seaton. See the notes at…

Join us this Wednesday for the Reporting Module Under the Hood,

Date: 11th March 2015:

Topic: Reporting Module Under the Hood by Michael Seaton

Time: 9am-10am Eastern Time Please Check for your timezone here for time conversion in your location Please keep time


for more details visit the University page

Matthew Masaka(Ug)

Dear All, Please be informed that due to unavoidable conditions this call has been rescheduled to next week, Details can be found here Matthew Masaka(Ug)