unbale to install bahmni

hello people, i do not have any sql database nor openelis or erp pgsql dump file, all i want is to start bahmni with all empty databases, but when i try to set the implementation name baecause i heard its one that will install a new data base i get erros during the installtion, can you please help me here?anyone?

Do you need any specific help, or are you good to go (based on this conversation: unable to access bahmni services in centos 6.8)?

no that thread was for installation of bahmni with a demo database now i want to install bahmni with empty databases

Hi morena,

Which implementation name you are using ? Can you please elaborate on empty databases ?

i was using AlwaysOpenClinic

i want to install bahmni withpout any demo data

This documentation shows a way to use fresh db or delete just the patient data

ok thanks this is what i need,