Unable to use Badge as Title (directly)

So I had recently got the ‘Top 10%’ badge and wanted to make it my title right away. However, I found that there was no option to select title when I tried to do that.

I had to manually go to my profile and assign it as my title.

I think that a user should be able to change his/her title right when he/she receives the badge.

What was the output when you selected “TOP 10%” and saved the changes?

I’m doing this on chrome so this is what I found from Google Chrome Console:-


PUT https://talk.openmrs.org/badges/136/undefined/preferences/badge_title 404 (Not Found)

The ‘Top 10%’ option was visible to me only when I went to my profile and assign it as my title from Badges. However I couldn’t assign it to myself when I clicked the badge (the page where one can see others who have received the badge) and tried to assign it from there.

The error message when I selected ‘None’ is

Some badges do not allow this. This isn’t an OpenMRS issue, but a Discourse issue.

Oh alright :blush: @r0bby