Unable to start OpenMRS. Error thrown was: collection is not associated with any session

Full error https://pastebin.com/GeAcgP5g

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hello @danielopuch are you using the standalone or the sdk? please its better you paste the error log at pastebin.com for easy viewing.

@jnsereko Its a standard alone Pastebin link is here

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What were you doing to get this? And which openmrs platform version are you running?

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It was a clean installlation on new windows Then on starting , it threw that error

Version : 2.3

Which openmrs platform version are you running?

Uganda EMR version 2.3 (3.0.4) latest version Stand alone on windows X64

Did you share that with @ssmusoke or @slubwama?

No: Got it sorted! Removed all previous installation files and also deleted the MySQL hidden in the Program Data Thanks, @dkayiwa and @jnsereko