Unable to start advance openmrs locally

Which version of openmrs are you running its seems to be platform version issue, you can always use pastebin.com and share full logs

I am using version 2.11.0. Here is full logs.

Are running it locally using docker or openmrs sdk? Recently we had a number running failures using docker not sure why

No i am running it locally using xampp. I am doing advance setup.

Great did you made any changes in module folder like uploading any new module into your instance

yeah actually i downloaded addon package version 2.11.0. Unzipped it and paste it into openmrs directory.

Addon package:

and openmrs directory where i paste it:

ReferenceApplicationAddons contains bare omod files that have exact versions as of those found on openmrs addons with current released refApp version, its this is second option of getting omod files

I suggest you download Platform 2.3.1 War file and you follow the steps of running that war file or you download full packed openmrs standalone 2.11 which comes with everything packed i think that will keep you go.

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I already installed openmrs stadalone 2.11.0 version which is working fine but it is not for production use.

For production use, use openmrs war file download to its directory and run mvn jetty-run .

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ok. Thanks for the help @sharif :innocent:

Download – OpenMRS.org @pratikbiz24

ok @herbert24. Thanks.

I set up with Platform 2.3.2 war file and also added add-on modules version 2.11.0. It is saying that you need to add ui modules but i already added add-on modules in openmrs.