Unable to see visit details in openmrs page

When we go to a visit page from Patient Dashboard (Visits) in Openmrs, in one environment we are not able to see the visit details. We are able to see the visit details in another environment for same patient and for same visit. Below are the screenshots. Is this a known issue? Why is it depending on the environments?

Visit details shown:

visit details not shown:

What is the difference between the environments?

I also notice that the second screen has empty visit details.

@dkayiwa There is no difference between the environments. They are just different instances with the same database. Yes, the second screen has empty visit details even though there is data in the backend

Did you figure this out?

@dkayiwa Sorry for the late reply. We could not figure out why this is happening. Please let us know of any pointers

Can i look at the browser page footer for each of the instances?

Image with Footer - Working:

Image with Footer - Not Working:

For the instance where it is not working correctly, can you paste the tomcat logs at pastebin.com?