Unable to see the RADIOLOGY button in Bahmni EMR UI after successful installation of DCM4CHEE and PACS-INTEGRATION module

I have installed all the below default modules at once i.e. Bahmni EMR UI,Bahmni Lab (OpenELIS),Bahmni ERP (Odoo),OpenMRS All are working fine.

After that I have installed DCM4CHEE and PACS-Integration module by running the below command : bahmni -i local --only dcm4chee install bahmni -i local --only pacs-integration install

reference local file is as below :

After restarting my system, DCM4CHEE is running and I manually start PACS-Integration by running the command sudo systemctl start pacs-integration

I am able to all the services are running and Can login in Radiology browser at http://localhost/dcm4chee-web3

However, I am not able to see the RADIOLOGY BUTTON in BAHMNI EMR UI.

Did I miss any configurations ? If not, How to Utilize the Radiology connection from Bahmni EMR UI now ?

Hello, try installing it individually yum install -y dcm4chee

Worst case, you can just add a link in the landing page. Its a static page on Apache.

The screenshot you have put is the “landing page” which is a simple HTML page with shortcuts for clinical app, lab, odoo, etc. To add a shortcut there you can edit this file and add a section: path to httpd webserver landing page file: /var/www/html/index.html

Usually radiology related actions are enabled inside Clinical Service App (EMR) - to upload/view radiology through dcm4chee. For that you can read these instructions:

  1. Adding an app inside EMR home page: Bahmni Documentation Wiki
  2. PACS configuration (a lot you have already done I think): Bahmni Documentation Wiki

Hello, i’m unable to access DCM4CHEE through the default url(getting a 404). i’ve also tried ipaddress:8055/dcm4chee-web3 still nothing. Any reason as to why? Ps: dcm4chee-web3 is running.


(assuming you are using v0.92)

  1. have you checked if the service is running?
  2. checked your firewall settings? - what CentOS version are you using? Depending on CentOS version/flavor, firewalld maybe your default firewall manager instead of iptables.