Unable to register a patient in demo application

Hey everyone! I was trying to register a patient in demo application but received a validation error.

Validation errors found: not-null property references a null or transient value: org.openmrs.Patient.personDateCreated

(screenshot attached)

However, it works completely fine in qa-refapp.openmrs.org.

How to reproduce:

Visit demo.openmrs.org.

Register a patient.

Issue link: issue

Are you able to reproduce this again on the demo server?

I tried and I was successful in registering a patient this time. It works completely fine now. :slight_smile:


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Any idea what the error was originally?

How you solve this issue @satvikshri ?

@atiq are you facing the same issue?

Yes Facing the same issue,

Do you have any idea regarding this.?

Do you get this locally or you get it on the demo server?

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Yah thats the point its working locally but when deployed it showing error when we register the patient and while we place the order from order entry.

Having this error while saving order and registering patient. On my deployed instance. not-null property references a null or transient value : org.openmrs.Encounter.creator]",“code”:"org.hibernate.engine.inte

can you share the full error log via pastebin.com

cc @dkayiwa @kdaud @sharif @ibacher

@atiq which version of RefApp are you using ?

I am using 2.12 of refApp

2.12 is a SNAPSHOT!

Rather use RefApp 2.11 version and share the outcome otherwise 2.12 is still under construction but soon to be out for use.