Unable to Push Visit Data to OpenMRS

Hi. I am unable to push patient visit data that I saved on my Android device in offline mode. When I run a sync process, the data does not get pushed to Mysql database and OpenMRS. Does anyone know what the issue might be? Any help/advice will be highly appreciated.

cc @f4ww4z @ssmusoke

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Hi @dtumelo , it is working fine for me in API level 29. Can you give the output from logcat? Also which data is it you’re trying to sync?

Hi @f4ww4z . Thanks for your feedback. I am currently using API Level 28. Let me try to install API Level 29 and get back to you. I’m trying to sync cached patient visit data that’s been locally saved on my android tablet. This is the output from the logcat.PushVisitLog.pdf (1.1 MB)

Are you downloading patients or registering a new one???

I am registering new patients but unable to push patient visit data that was locally saved on my android device during a synchronization process.

Are you registering the patient in offline mode too??? Because the patient needs to sync first with server, only after that you can perform other actions…

Yes. Initially I was able to register the patients in offline mode and sync their data to openmrs whenever I connected to a network. But at some point I’d get a sync interrupted alert/notification due to the expiry of a session token. This issue was rectified. But during that period I had continued to enter patient data in offline mode. I am currently able to only register and push new patient records; but not the older patient data which was registered earlier in offline mode…

So, No help then?