Unable to open DHIS reporting module from admin interface


I have installed openmrs-2.6 on tomcat8 and java8. Rest of the modules are working correctly, however when I click on DHIS2 menu item, I am getting this error.

I have pasted hibernate-core-4.3.7.Final.jar in /opt/tomcat8/lib directory as well.

Would appreciate the help.


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Which version of the module are you running?

DHIS2 Reporting Module 2.0

That module has never been upgraded to support the openmrs platform version that you are running. This would require a developer to checkout the code and do the needful.

So which module should I use for this platform

It does not exist. The module requires a developer to upgrade it to support the version of the OpenMRS platform that you are running.

btw @dkayiwa where should I pull openmrs-3 from then

As a developer, take a look at this: OpenMRS Frontend 3.0 Documentation for Developers

@heshan @piumal1999 Could you please look into this?

Wasn’t that module replaced with this? GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-module-dhisconnector

Ah, Yes. It’s no longer maintained.

My bad. I thought he was talking about the connector module.

I am getting error when I copied dhisconnector omod in openmrs/modules directory. The error is


My JDK is OpenJDK 8 , Tomcat - Tomcat8 and Mysql - 8

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These steps may help you to fix this issue

  1. Remove the existing omod file
  2. Remove DefaultAnnotationHandlerMapping bean from openmrs-module-dhisconnector/omod/src/main/resources/webModuleApplicationContext.xml file. Remove these 2 lines:
<!-- Annotation based controllers -->
<bean class="org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.annotation.DefaultAnnotationHandlerMapping"/>
  1. Rebuild the module. mvn clean install
  2. Copy the omod file to the openmrs/modules directory
  3. Restart the openmrs instance

This is only a workaround. I couldn’t find the exact reason for the problem.


Thanks a lot @piumal1999 , that helped a lot.

Thanks again.


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