Unable to install Reference Application 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT using openmrs-sdk 5.2.0

Hello, I’m not experienced with OpenMRS, I’m trying to learn, every time I try to install Reference Application 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT using OpenMRS 5.2.0 I get stuck here (see the picture below)

. I am asking for help how to solve this problem

Have you updated your npm version to 10.1.0 ?

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Yes! already done that multiple times, if I upgrade npm to 10.1.0 , the openmrs sdk itself downgrade it to npm-8-5-5, & what follow is that npm notice about a new version b available

openmrs@next is already installed on my system using the command

npm i -g openmrs@next

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@emagabe this might not be related, but could be useful. It would be good to change your username not to have white spaces (early enough), you might run into many issues as you go, especially with windows. :pray:t5:


@wodpachua spaces in his user name is exactly the cause of the problem. Thanks for catching it. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help, that is the answer to my problem. I managed to build openMRS

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@dkayiwa we have added an explicit error for cases like this: Adding an error if the server path contains a space. (#245) · openmrs/openmrs-sdk@f2367e7 · GitHub.

I think we should create a new release with this.


Makes perfect sense!