Unable to install OpenMRS Reference Application

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Hello everyone, I’m new to OpenMRS. I want to implement this wonder EMR in our rural dispensary. I managed to install the OpenMRS platform on Centos 6.10 using tutorial provided by this here. Everything was successful but the tutorial ends only with the installation of the OpenMRS Platform. I do not have the UI. How do I install the reference application on Centos 6.10? Kindly assist. Regards

That guide looks quite outdated. Among other things, modern versions of OpenMRS actually require Java 8. I can’t give specific instructions for CentOS, but if you can get Tomcat 7 and a Java 8 installed, you can follow our enterprise install guide (basically after installing the WAR add the additional modules to /usr/local/tomcat7/.OpenMRS/modules).

A guide for installing Java 8 on CentOS 6 is here. A guide for installing Tomcat 7 on CentOS 6 is here. Note that you’ll need to create the /usr/local/tomcat7/.OpenMRS directory and setup permissions as in the tutorial you posted.

Maybe someone from the community can provide more step-by-step instructions.

Kindly point me to the guide so that I can update it.

This guide, from the original post, is not on an OpenMRS website, so I don’t know what we can do about that. That said, this guide on the Wiki is similarly outdated and the release notes page needs some reorganisation.

Thank you so much. I will create time and work on them before the end of tomorrow.

Thank you very much @ibacher for your timely reply. I apologize for taking time to reply to you, it was because of our time zones I think (I went to sleep). I kindly ask if you could detail for me the java, mysql and the tomcat versions I need to have to install the latest OpenMRS (version 2.3) available here. I want to try the ideas I have in my mind to install it on Centos.

Hi Juliet. Thank you for your effort. I’m trying to install OpenMRS on Centos. Once you are able to update the guide, kindly let me know. Regards

hi @jwnasambu were you able to get some time and update this guide as you had said!!

Am gathering more information as I fix it today. Just in case you have any information feel free to help fix too.

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I have updated this guide https://wiki.openmrs.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=589853 what seems not to be clear, kindly feel free to reach out to the community for more clarification.

Thank you for your effort @jwnasambu . I will try it out this evening.