Unable to install OpenMRS Core 2.4.0

Application Name: Replace this text with one of: Platform, Reference Application, Bahmni, (Other – Please specify) Version Number: 2.4.0

Question: Hello I would like to help me. I have been trying to install the openmrs core 2.4.0 but I’m unable to create it. What could be the problem and how can I solve it?

what steps did you take on trying to set up the web app!

I have finished all the steps but when it reaches the last step, it displays that message!!

where can i download or get the openmrs-runtime.properties?

you are missing out some thing according to the screen shots,add the passsword of the root user for your mysql instance,i encourage you to read the steps very clearly and let us know incase of any questions here

Should I use the same password I used while setting up mysql?

what do you get when you try using it

I’m gonna update you sir when I get an error.

when I look at the tomcat command window; when it adds a constraint, it shows “ON UPDATE NO ACTION ON DELETE NO ACTION” what does that mean??

the creation of the app was successful but the challenge I’m facing is this!!!

how can rectify it?

ho can I Correct this?

If you instead need a web interface , you may need to setup Reference Application using the SDK is that what you itend to do ?