unable to import patients in bahmni

hello, i have imported patients into bahmni using csv upload but it says it completed with errors and when i serach for thos patients they are not created, i used the sample file in the documentation and even mine its saying the same,any solution for this?

Hi Morena,

What is the error message shown against each of the patient rows in the csv in error file?. Please click on the “Error File” link to download the csv with error messages.

its saying unparseble date, so does that mean i entered the date on the wrong format?

here is the screen shot,

Hi, Did you try the file mentioned in the link. The Date format expected is 2014-03-29

actually thats the file i was importing

Instead of MS Excel, can you open the csv in any Text Editor and check if the date format has changed. At least the csv Error File screenshot you have attached shows a wrong format. From my previous experiences, csv file gets messed when open and edited in MS Excel.

when i open it in notepad the format is just fine, but in excel its difrent, i even tried to edit but its stil changing the date format.

Without opening/saving the downloaded csv in Excel, when you tried to upload also the issue is coming? Which version Bahmni You are using?

yes i saved it without opening it in excel and the issue still persists

what i did was change the system (laptop)time now the time is displayed in the required format but its still failling

I just downloaded the patient csv from the link that i have given you in the previous reply and directly uploaded without even opening. It did work for me. Can you try this and attach the error file. And which version of Bahmni are you using?

okay no its fine now, the date issue was resolved after changing the pc date format, now it imported just fine thanks

Okay Super. Thank you :slight_smile: