Unable to get past add-on manager

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Application Name: Platform! Version Number: 2.3.1

Question: Currently just deployed OpenMRS enterprise on my Windows 10 laptop. After logging in with the admin credentials, I am automatically directed to the Add-On Manager screen. I have no clue how to navigate past that. Can someone inform me on what to do?

I have clicked on Start All Modules, and any other button I could find.

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This happened to me last week @kkapoor1. I had pasted the OpenMRS WAR file in Tomcat and ran it. if its what you did, try installing the OpenMRS SDK and follow this guide https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/OpenMRS+SDK#OpenMRSSDK-Installation

incase you have the SDK installed, start from running mvn openmrs-sdk:setup and continue with the wiki in case of any challenge revert here