Unable to generate Rest API documentation

Hi All,

When I am clicking on Rest API Documentation in Rest Web Services , I am getting No Spec provided , whereas in Tomcat logs I am getting Rest API documentation generation Swagger Error swagger NullPointerException.

versions are:

Tomcat 8
Openmrs 2.1.4
RefApp 2.8.0
Rest Services module 2.31

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.



Any help will be greatly appreciated, if anyone can.


@dkayiwa or @jnsereko any thoughts on this?

Hey @satyadoorva

using later releases might save you debugging stress @satyadoorva

Legacy-ui module 1.11.0 or later 
Rest Services module 2.36.0

try accessing the docs again with https://<ip_adress>/openmrs/module/webservices/rest/apiDocs.htm

cc @ibacher

Hi @jnsereko , I upgraded Rest Service module to 2.37.0-SNAPSHOT.42aa1d and legacy-ui-module to 1.12.0 , but the error is exactly the same in logs.


which legacyui version are you running against

1.12.0 version

trying this on Reference Application 2.12.2 worked fine for me. is there any specific reason why you are using 2.8.0?

We are using OpenMRS 2.1.4 , hence matching 2.8.0 , let me try upgrading ref-app to 2.12.2 and see if it works .

Thanks a lot for the help @jnsereko

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By the way, @satyadoorva are you aware of the fact that we using this for the REST API documentation? https://rest.openmrs.org/