Unable to create Report Request from Rest API

Hi All,

In our current requirement, we need to show report result when user clicks on a link.

For example in dashboard, we will be showing list of report names and when user clicks on the report name it should show the results of reports.

Do we have any way to show result of reports in click of a link or button?

We are unable to find any direct way to do it. So we thought we can create a Report Request using Rest API & use the Report Request to show the report result using below url.

https://demo.openmrs.org/openmrs/module/reporting/reports/viewReport.form?uuid=<Report Request Id>

But still we are unable to create ReportRequest using below Rest API as we are unable find structure of data we need to send as body to this request.


CC: @mksd, @angshuonline, @mddubey

A WIP example here (credits to @binduak.)

@mseaton, wondering if you’d have further examples to point the TW team to?

@rrameshbtech and @mksd, I don’t have a lot of code personally that utilizes these. But maybe it is helpful to look the actual code behind these resources, and (probably more importantly) any unit tests that exist that show how they might be used:

Best, Mike

Thanks everyone. It is really helpful.