Unable to configure Synchronization on OpenMRS core 2.6.0

There are different EMR systems from which we want to retrieve data. We are currently using openMRS core 2.6.0 along with the Sync 2.0 module, but we are encountering compatibility issues and errors. I would like to know which modules I should use in order to get the Synchronization up and running correctly.

I am not aware of anyone who is maintaining the Sync 2 module. I would not recommend using that module if you do not have developer resources that are going to support it.

Which module should I use to achieve synchronization?

Can you describe your use case with some more detail? Are the different EMR systems all OpenMRS?

Yes, there are several EMRs that are using OpenMRS, and we want to retrieve data from those EMRs.

According to the manual (Sync 2.0 user manual - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki), I believe I can set up the synchronization, but I don’t know which version to use in order to make it run.

When that module was created, the latest platform version was 2.0.0