"Unable to compile class for JSP" error on Administration page

**Application Name OpenMRS **Version Number: Latest release

Question: I have downloaded the the recommended versions of JDK (8), Tomcat (6), MySQL (5.6). After installing OpenMRS, I could not access administration tab. The error is as follows


I appreciate any help or advice

Does it help if you make tomcat point to a lower version of Java?

Do you mind explaining little pit more ?

Is there a recommended version of everything … I am using Windows server '12

Did u mean to uninstall JDK 8 and use an earlier version … What version u think the best

It worked with Tomcat 7 for me. Can you please try it with Tomcat 7 and update.

Also as far as I understand to run it you dont’t need java 8. You need java 8 to build it only. You can run it with Java 7. The easiest way to swap between these two is using bashrc if you are working in Ubuntu.

Hope it helps!