Unable to Change Issue Status

Hello Friends …so far as tackling issues… Have noticed I can’t change the issue status…Like from

CodeReview to InProgress

@dev2 @dev3 @dev4 @dev5 any help …to change status .....

But for Requesting Code Review this is possible since there is a button

What happens when you click Claim Issue button?

@kdaud Indeed it claims but changing the issue like from CodeReview back to InProgress

what is the current state of the ticket?

Oh sorry @kdaud the above screenshot changed is the one am talking about…as u see I cant change from code Review back to InProgress since am still doing changes

This is concerned with Jira privileges!

share the url to the ticket so that those with privileges can help out! cc: @dkayiwa @grace

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Can you share the ticket url such that I can help you.

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Done the needfull.

Thanks @sharif