Unable to build the reference application using the sdk

Hello all;

I have been trying to build the reference application via the sdk with mvn openmrs-sdk:setup -Ddistro=referenceapplication:2.10.0-SNAPSHOT but its throwing some errors https://pastebin.com/A4VhZV1W

I deleted my m2 folder hoping the dependencies and plugins to be downloaded afresh but i still the same error again.

Requesting for some ideas to what could be the cause here :cowboy_hat_face:


@dkayiwa @mksd @ibacher

It may be an issue with your Internet connection, can you try in a place with a faster connection?

thanks @ssmusoke let me try that :+1:

The Reference Application 2.10.0 is not released yet. It is still under testing process.

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sure though am using the SNAPSHOT version of it

according to your logs,its an internet issue

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