Unable to Assign Issue in JIRA

I’m unable to assign myself the issue that I want to work on. Is this a bug or is it done deliberately.

The Issues that I’m want to claim as in context with Google Code-In.

Thank you :smiley:

Issue trying to claim:- https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/LBAC-25

Same thing for me at LBAC-24 or any other issue inside this project.

@reubenv has already pinned @dkayiwa on JIRA. Let’s wait a little :wink:

I guess it’ll be a better idea for others to take notice or this. Poor @dkayiwa has to do everything :confused: .

It’s better to create an official topic for this issue rather than pinning something at a particular issue. I hope you understand :smiley:.

Can you try again now?

Yup, it’s working now

Thank you @dkayiwa :smile:

Thanks @dkayiwa for the required changes on the project.