Unable to access the Bahmni applications after server restart

I have installed Bahmni 0.92 version in Centos 7.6 and then able to access Bahmni Clinical, Lab and Odoo application in my Windows browser which is connected with the same network.

However , once I have reboot my centos; I am able to see the applications are Up and running with new Process-ids. However, I am not able to access the applications in browser.

I have shut down the services and started-up again. But it makes no difference. I am assuming that the web-application is not running in centos ; that’s why I am not able to browse it.

Any suggestions or procedures to resolve this issue please ?

Regards Susanta

Are you able to access the application on the Centos machine? You may have to check the firewall on the CentOS machine.

In centos, I have checked by running the command PS -ef ! Grep - bahmni. So, all processes are running with the new pid. Is there any other check required?

Regarding firewall, after installation, the application was running fine. But after OS reboot, it’s not working. Is it possible that firewall configuration will be changed dynamically once OS reboots. If so, could you please guide me with the correct configuration?

@jaghatise …is there any suggestions please??

@susant2020 Check your java versions. You will need to specify a default java. Run Java -version on the CentOS machine