Un-voiding a deleted Obs in RefApp

Can anyone help with how to un-void a deleted observation?


Do the deleted observations show up when you search?

no, the one I deleted doesn’t show up

Can you share a screenshot?

they were two observations but it’s the one I deleted that is not there

How many rows of data do you have in your openmrs database’s obs table?

@dkayiwa I have 12 rows returned for the obs table

How many of those rows have the voided flag set to true?

They are two rows set to true

Take note of the obs_id values. Then in the observation search results, click on any of the results and in the screen that shows up, in the url, replaces the obsId with any of the values in the database.

this is what I get after entering

What url do you see in the browser?


After replacing obsId=1 to obsId=10

What obs_id do the two voided rows in your database have?

The first has 2 and 12 for the next voided row

Did you try putting those in the url?

No I didn’t, I put what you said I could put, any value from the obs_id

Put any of the voided values and share the screenshot.

That’s the page I receive

Can you also include the bottom of the screen?