UIFramework FragmentController Not Loading Properly

I am running into an issue with a basic FragmentController that I have created where the controller(FragmentModel model) method is not getting a valid FragmentModel passed in. The model is null and I am not able to add the attributes to the fragment as needed. Here is the controller: https://gist.github.com/akmad/465ee4d34b17a842ce4e24869f83ecb8

In debugging the issue something very strange is happening in the UiFrameworkUtil.determineArgumentValue function: the FragmentModel.class is not matching the FragmentModel.class stored in the valuesByType map.

I am using omrs 2.0.4 and the 2.5 refapp (including the uiframework 3.9), all compiled locally with Java 8 (macOS, oracle64- Does anyone ideas about what could cause this?

Could this be a class loading issue where you have more than one instance of FragmentModel.class loaded by different class loaders? Cross check if you have the “provided” scope for the uiframework dependency of your pom files. If not sure, just compile and extract the omod to check the lib folder for any jars that should not be there.

You might also want to make sure you have added the uiframework module as required in the config.xml file

@dkayiwa @wyclif Thank you both very much for the help! Daniel was right about the issue being an incorrect scope in one of our sub-modules (compile instead of provided) which resulted in the uiframework omod getting included in lib folder.