UIFramework Error on Active Visits Page Load

Environment Details: Platform: 1.11.4 Reference Application: 2.3.1

Things were good until now and all of a sudden I’m running into the following UIFrameworkError when I try to access ‘Active Visits’ app from home page of reference application:(org.openmrs.ui.framework.ViewException: Error rendering page view for activeVisits)


The fact that this is caused by a NullPointerException hints that the GSP page presumes some property is always non-null, but now your database has an active visit in it with a null value for this property.

Unfortunately, rendering a groovy template doesn’t give any info about where it fails, so you may actually need to put a breakpoint in the groovy code itself to try to trace this. (Alternately, look at the active visits GSP and see what could possibly be null.)

Could you have possibly ended up with a visit without a patient somehow?

Restarted tomcat this morning and I’m able to navigate to Active Visits page without running into any exceptions. That’s strange!! :grinning: