UI Library Bamboo release: 'release-prepare-perform.sh: No such file or directory'

Hi infra team,

I added a new release stage and a release to maven job in it for UI Library. I did follow the steps in ‘Configuring a Plan to Release from Bamboo’. In particular I did add the release scripts in the ‘Repositories’ of the plan configuration. And yet I’m getting this error on the release to Maven job:

/bin/bash: release-scripts/release-prepare-perform.sh: No such file or directory
[ERROR] Version ${bamboo.maven.release.version} is not semver, e.g. 4.25.0. Check http://semver.org/

Actual failed job here.

Could anyone help solve this, and release that module?

Thanks in advance!

Cc @dkayiwa

Did you send this more than two hours ago? :smile: https://ci.openmrs.org/browse/UIL-UIL-378


So what was wrong with the job config?

The Repository was set to “Git” instead of “Release scripts”

Sorry, where exactly?

Both repositories are in place and Git is the default, but I suspect you mean some other config screen?

Actions -> Configure plan -> Release to maven -> Tasks -> Source Code Checkout

All the above are clicks :slight_smile:

For everyone’s visual reference:

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So cool that you care to share with everyone! :smile: