UI Issue on Bahmni login page

On the Bahmni EMR login page, if the user enters the wrong username/password and tries to login, an error message is displayed. However the incorrect credentials still remain in their respective fields.

Possible fix: The page should be refreshed and the fields with current(wrong) credentials should be cleared.

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Please review this issue so that I can go ahead with creating the JIRA ticket.

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Bahmni EMR login page allow user to choose the language they want to choose ,but language Italiano does not allow the app to provide same UI as other languages. I don’ t know this language but if what has been written is correct then I would like to it’s UI otherwise i would like to raise issue using jira card so that someone else to whom language is familiar can work on it. Though it seems me that default name is being displayed like Login_Label_username and Module_respective name.

in english

in italiano

in english

in italiano

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This is because the Italian translations are not (yet) provided. You can ignore this issue for now.

I have seen this same behavior on other sites as well, and although it’s less common, it’s not necessarily bad. I would want to hear from any real implementer/user if this is something they would want to see changed.

However we should not show Italian as an option on the demo if we don’t have the translations.

@binduak, can you describe where the demo config is, whether it’s automatically applied, and what it would take to change it on our actual demo servers?

@darius we are using default-config for demo servers. And the demo database has list of locales configured. It has Italian language. To change in demo servers/Fresh Bahmni installation, I just have to take the database backup and push it to openmrs-functional-test repo.